Lesotho Institute of Accountants (LIA) is a body corporate established by the Act of Parliament of 1977, which gives the Institute the mandate of regulating the Accountancy practice in Lesotho. To carry out this mandate, it provides for education and training of aspiring accountants through the administration of ACCA examinations.

LIA and ACCA entered into a Joint Examination Scheme (JES) on the 25th September 2008 which enabled this programme to operate effectively in Lesotho through Lesotho Institute of Accountants. The Joint Examination Scheme is based on the ACCA qualification which comprises of two levels namely Fundamentals and Professional. The LIA/ACCA joint scheme examination allows for the Lesotho variant papers examinations in Taxation and corporate and Business law.

Qualifications offered under the Joint Examination Scheme(JES) are;

  • Technician Accounting Stage (known as “CAT)
  • General Accounting Stage
  • Chartered Accounting Stage

Subjects offered under each qualification

Technician Accounting Stage

  • Recording Financial Transactions (FA1)
  • Management Information (MA1)
  • Maintaining Financial Records (FA2) 
  • Managing Costs and Finance (MA2)
  • Accountant in Business (FAB)
  • Management Accounting (FMA)
  • Financial Accounting (FFA)
  • Foundation in Taxation  (FTX)
  • Foundations in Audit (FAU)

General Accounting Stage

  • Accountant in Business (F1)
  • Financial Accounting (F2)
  • Management Accounting (F3)
  • Corporate and Business Law (F4)
  • Performance Management (F5)
  • Taxation (F6)
  • Financial Reporting (F7)
  • Audit and Assurance (F8)
  • Financial Management (F9)

Chartered Accounting Stage

  • Compulsory modules
  • Strategic Business Reporting
  • Strategic Business Leader
  •  Choose any two from:
  • Advanced Financial Management (P4)
  • Advanced Performance Management(P5)
  • Advanced Audit and Assurances (P7)

How to register with LIA and ACCA?

Anyone wishing to study LIA/ ACCA Qualifications, is required to come to Lesotho Institute of Accountants for guidance. Below are the requirements to register under LIA/ACCA JES.

  • Pay LIA registration and subscription fee
  • Pay ACCA registration and subscription fee
  • Provide the proof of Identification(certified)e.g. National ID, Birth certificate etc.
  • Provide highest copies of Educational certificate and transcripts (certified)
  • Marriage certificate where names are not the same (certified)
  • In case of disability, provide the confirmation from the doctor (supporting document)
  • E –mail address (compulsory)

Time for Registration

Registration is open throughout the year depending on when one wishes to take exams.

Exam Sessions

There are four examination sessions per annum, namely;

  • March Exam Session
  • June Exam Session
  • September Exam Session
  • December Exam Session

Exam delivery methods

  • Paper Based Examinations (PBE); Are written anytime when a student  is  fully registered with LIA and ACCA. They are written four times per annum based on the exam sessions above. Papers written under this exam method are the last two papers of Technician Accounting Stage modules (FTX and FAU), a General Accounting Stage and a Chartered Accounting Stage modules. These exams are administered by LIA. Exams processes under this method are explained below.
  • Computer Based Examinations (CBE) Are written anytime when a student is fully registered with LIA and ACCA. The student uses the computer to answer questions. Students need to meet with Computer Exam center (currently Centre for Accounting studies hosts these exams). Papers written under this method are the first seven papers of Technician Accounting Stage, that is, FA1-FFA only.

How to take Paper Based Exams (Exam process)

It is compulsory to follow the processes below if one needs to write an exam!

The student must fill in the Exam Entry Form which should be obtained at LIA offices. This form should be accompanied by the exam payment. This should be received by LIA before the exam deadline (Standard Entry deadline) that will be explained at a later stage.

The student in return of submitting the Exam Entry Form should receive the Examination Entry Acknowledgement on or before the exam deadline (Standard Entry deadline). This would be send to the student via e-mail address OR the student should report to LIA immediately if the said document has not been received via e-mail. This document confirms that the student has been fully entered for examinations.

After receiving the Examination Entry Acknowledgement, the student will receive the Examination Attendance Docket one week before the beginning of the exams. The student should access this on MY ACCA account (created after being full registered) OR coming to LIA for collection of such document. Student will not be allowed to enter the exam Centre without this document. This is the last step.


  • Initial Registration fee (Once off payment for registration process)
  • Subscription fee (it is paid annually as long as the student has not completed the qualification stages)
  • Examination fee (paid each session of an exam)

Methods of Payment

There are many ways which students could pay LIA and ACCA; Below are the few.

  • LIA Fees
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
  • Point of Sale (Terminal)
  • ACCA Fees
  • Bank Draft
  • Credit Card

Failure to pay subscription fees and examinations?

The student name name will be struck off the LIA/ACCA registers, that is, you will be deregistered. As a result, you will not be able to sit for any examinations. This process takes place every year around June and July. When you re-register you will be required to pay your outstanding fees plus re-registration fee (penalty) for both parties (LIA and ACCA).


Continuing Students – 31st March every year

New students registering before June- payable in Month of May.

New students registering after June – 31st March every year.

DUE DATES FOR EXAM FEES (deadlines are published yearly).

March Exam session 2018- 30th January 2018

June Exam Session 2018- 30th April 2018

September Exam Session 2018- 30th July 2018

December Exam Session 2018- 29th October 2018

Exam deadlines above are on Standard Entry Route which is the only route LIA uses. Other routes can be followed online by interested individual students