1. Education:-

    1. Completion of Fundamental papers of the Joint Examination Scheme.

    2. Post Graduate qualification in Accounting

    3. Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators.

  2. Relevant Practical Experience
    A minimum of two years relevant work experience, with one year post qualification, key competencies as per attached annexure II.



1. Taxation
Preparing Business Taxation Computations.
  1. Preparing Capital allowance Computations.

  2. Computing assessable business income.

  3. Preparing company/ Corporation Tax computations.

2. Financial Information
Advice and support clients/ management in meeting their regulatory obligations.
  1. Preparation of all purpose financial statements.

  2. Advise on relevant regulatory obligations.

  3. Provide support in meeting regulatory obligations.

3. Management/Cost Accounting
  • Analysis of costs for products/Services.

  • Control of expenditure and budgetary control.

  1. Application of costing methods and cost allocation.

  2. Preparation of budgets.

  3. Monitoring and reporting on budgets (Budgetary Control).

4. Auditing
Internal and External Auditing.
  1. Audit planning.

  2. Determination of audit risk

  3. Development of audit programs.

  4. Application of audit procedures and techniques.

5. Stores Management
Procurement and Stores Management.
  1. Price negotiations and stock level control.

  2. Purchasing and recording of stocks.

  3. Reconciliation of stores and financial records.

6. Management Information Systems
Advise on and specify information systems to meet identified needs
  1. Identify information systems requirements.

  2. Assist in establishing structures to deliver information systems.

  3. Contribute to the design of information systems.

  4. Manage the system specifications.

7. Supervision
Recruitment and development of staff, maintenance of relationships.
  1. Develop and maintain effective and ethical relationships with colleagues and clients.

  2. Identify personnel requirements and define roles.

  3. Recruit and select individuals

  4. Supervise and develop teams and individuals.

8. Professional Ethics
Compliance with professional requirements.
  1. Applying general principles and procedures for ethical compliance within the accounting profession.

  2. Development, maintaining and applying ethics in employer/employee situations.

Key role 1, 2, 7 and 8 mandatory plus any two of the remaining.