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  Structure of LIA


To develop, enhance and effectively regulate the accounting profession in Lesotho through:

  • Provision of internationally recognized relevant education and training programmes, as well as ensuring compliance

  • Provision of career and development opportunities for our staff in order to enhance the public and all stakeholders’ confidence in the accountancy profession

  • Creating value for members of LIA

To be a world class regulatory and professional accountancy body in Lesotho, that is an organization of choice to best serve the interests of its local and international stakeholders, and which underpins the national economic development.


  • Provide a locally accepted and internationally recognized qualification.

  • Raise the image and profile of the profession by taking a leading role in matters of public interest.

  • Develop stronger links and strategic cooperation with leading accounting bodies regionally and internationally.

  • Develop stronger links and strategic alliances with employers and business organizations.

  • Support members in providing quality services by offering a range of technical services.

The Lesotho Institute of Accountants (L.I.A.) was established by the Accountants Act of 1977, which gives the Institute the mandate of regulating the Accountancy practice in Lesotho. This responsibility can further be broken down into the following functions:

To determine the qualifications of persons for admission as members:

To provide for training, educational and examination by the Institute or any other body of persons practising or intending to practice the profession of accountancy:

To set the standards and rules governing the practice and ensure that compliance with these is maintained

The operations and funds of the Institute are managed by the Council that is elected by the Annual General Meeting. In terms of the Act the composition of the Council is as follows:

The Accountant General (GOL) - ex-officio

The Auditor General (GOL)

- ex-officio
The Director (CAS) - ex-officio
Eight Chartered Accountants - elected on a three-year rotational basis
Four General Accountants - elected on a three-year rotational basis
Two Technician Accountants - non-voting members

Council elects two key officers on an annual basis, namely, President and Vice-President.

The Registrar is a full time officer of the Institute who is responsible for its day to day administration.


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