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Accountancy as Career

  Accountancy As A Career  


Accountancy as a career can be rewarding because of the various options available for people to choose from, e.g.

  • Financial Accounting

  • Financial Management

  • Management Accounting

  • Auditing

  • Tax Advisory Services

Accountancy is an occupation based on a unique body of specialized knowledge. Members of the profession provide a service that can be relied upon by users from diverse backgrounds, and therefore the professionals are expected to possess intellectual, analytical and advisory skills, contributing value to their clients/principals.

Accountancy education should help prospective accountants understand:

  • The impact the profession has on economic development in the changing environment, e.g. globalization.

  • The public interest and

  • A self imposed code of conduct /Ethics

With information technology advancing at a rapid pace, it makes it imperative for accountants to adapt.

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