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Dear IFAC Members, Associates, Affiliates, Regional Organizations, and Accountancy Groupings: The current edition of The Latest, our compilation of recent additions to the IFAC Global Knowledge Gateway is here, covering the period between Readmore

The Accountant October 2014 Newsletter -Issue III I was told that ones dream should be so big, so huge that one cannot sleep at night. It was only recently when I reflected and looked ahead to see Basotho as a nation five to ten 4 un t a n t - I s s ue III - O c t o b er 2014 years from now that I finally understood what was meant... Readmore

ACCA Account
Please take note that all students who will be undertaking December 2015 exams should ensure that their ACCA account is active... Readmore

Collection of Acknowledgement
Please ensure that you have the exam entry acknowledgement one week before the closing date of the standard entry route (26/1o/2015).... Readmore

Collection of Exam Attendance Docket
Examination attendance docket will be available for collection six weeks before the exams starts.... Readmore

Certificates Availability
Please be notified that educational certificates are available for collection at lia.... Readmore

CIPFA Certificates
Please be informed that cipfa certificates for february 2015... Readmore

  About LIA  

The Lesotho Institute of Accountants (L.I.A.) was established by the Accountants Act of 1977, which gives the Institute the mandate of regulating the Accountancy practice in Lesotho.  This responsibility can further be broken down into the following functions:

To determine the qualifications of persons for admission as members:

To provide for training, educational and examination by the Institute or any other body of persons practising or intending to practice the profession of accountancy:

To set the standards and rules governing the practice and ensure that compliance with these is maintained

The operations and funds of the Institute are managed by the Council that is elected by the Annual General Meeting.

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  LIA Members
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ID :
For members:

Use Surname (lower case) for username
and Membership Number for password

 Regulation of the Education
Develop professional
accounting syllabus
Facilitate and monitor training
of the syllabus
Facilitate and manage professional accounting examinations
Award professional
accounting qualifications
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 Regulation of the Practice
Award membership certificates
to qualifying accountants
Develop practicing rules,
regulations and ethical guidelines
Develop accounting standards
Monitor compliance with the
performance standards
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